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Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Telstra Business Awards.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Awards team on 1800 AWARDS Monday- Friday 9am-5pm.   


  • Does it cost anything to nominate a business or become an entrant?

    No – That’s the best bit. Nominating and entering the Telstra Business Awards are both free.

  • Can I nominate my own business?

    Absolutely – We’d love that. If your business meets the criteria then you’re more than welcome to nominate your own business. If you’re unsure, just check out the eligibility criteria here.

Why Enter

  • What prizes are on offer for award winners?

    Prizes for the 2021 Telstra Business Awards program will include attendance at prestigious state and national events, along with ongoing access to our exclusive Alumni program. We’ll bring you more news on the these further into the program. But don’t forget, benefits of the awards extend far beyond just the prizes and can be read about here.

Entry Process

  • How long does it take to complete the entry form?

    This will of course vary from business to business, however our testing and research suggests that you should allow 90 minutes for the Phase 1, Business Overview and approximately 10-15 hours for the Phase 2, Business Deep Dive entry process.

    Before making a start of the entry, it’s a good idea to gather together all of the relevant information.

  • Apart from filling in the online entry, how much time is taken up by being an entrant in the awards?

    In order to continue with the awards journey, shortlisted entrants will need to set aside some more time which we've outlined below.

    Firstly there'll be an interview with one of our Judges which usually takes around 60 minutes.

    If you’re named as a finalist from here, there will be the state dinner which you’ll need to attend.

    Then later in the process, the state and category winners who are the National Finalists will be flown to Sydney for inspirational workshops and to be in the running to be named a national winner at the 2021 Telstra Business Awards National dinner.

  • Can an entrant win more than one award?

    Yes. It’s possible that any given business could win both the category award that they entered, as well as the overall state award.

    You can also be the recipient of multiple awards by winning at both the state and national level.

  • Do all the questions have to be answered?

    Yes please. The Judges score each answer individually and the entries are often referred back to during the awards process. You should therefore consider all questions carefully, and pack them full with information that highlights the great achievement of your business.

  • What if I am unable to answer the financial questions?

    If you encounter any problems with the financial questions, we would suggest that you ask a registered accountant for help. In order for the entry for be valid, all the questions must be fully and accurately answered.

    Successful entrants will be asked to supply verification from their accountant that all figures submitted are accurate, so please bear this in mind. You can find out more details on this here - or feel free to call our Awards team on 1800 AWARDS Monday- Friday 9am-5pm.

  • Do I need to submit a Profit & Loss Statement?

    Yes – your business’s Profit & Loss Statement is essential to your entry submission. Phase 2 of your entry won’t be official until your P&L Statement is uploaded to the Awards Hub as part of your submission.

  • How do I upload my video?

    This short, 2 minute video is your chance to show the judges your business’s personality and help you stand out. You’ll need to upload your video to YouTube and then include a link in your Phase 2 entry form. More instructional details can be found in your entry form on Awards Hub.

  • What types of photos do I need to upload?

    It’s important that we have news-ready photos, should we promote your business. You’ll need to supply us with a minimum of 5 High Resolution (minimum 2100 pixels wide) JPEG images. Make sure you label your photos with your business name, followed by the names and job titles of the people in the photo. Please upload your photos to the Awards Hub.

  • How do I upload my logo?

    You’ll need to upload your business logo to the Awards Hub. Your logo should be a High-Resolution JPEG, EPS or PNG file. Make sure you label your logo with your business name.

Judging Criteria

  • What do the Judges look for in an entry?

    Our Judges are looking for concise answers that are relevant, accurate and honest. They are wanting to get an understanding of the business principles, philosophies and practices. They also want a sense of how the business became successful, and your plans and vision for the future.

    You can find more information about the judging criteria here.

  • Who judges the entries?

    Our judging panel is put together from a pool of national business experts and successful business owners, inclusive of our Awards Alumni.

    They live and breathe business every day and take great pride in being part of the Telstra Business Awards program. They treat all entry information professionally and sign confidentiality agreements before judging commences.

Business Benchmark Report

  • What is the Business Benchmark Report?

    The Business Benchmark Report is a comprehensive report that every entrant receives as part of the entry process – and it comes at no charge.

    It’s compiled using the information submitted within the entry form, and gives an overview of that specific business, identifying issues and making recommendations for improvements. Many entrants see this as a major benefit of entering the awards, and if you’d like more information on it, you can find that here.

  • When do I receive by Business Benchmark Report?

    The Business Benchmark Report will be delivered at the end of an entrant’s award journey, which of course differs for each entrant.

  • How do I access my Business Benchmark Report?

    Your Business Benchmark Report will be viewable in Awards Hub which you will be asked to set up after your business has been nominated. You can view it online, or download it for safe keeping, and we’ll send you an email reminder when your Business Benchmark Report is ready.


  • When am I classified as an Alumni?

    An entrant is invited to join our prestigious Alumni community when they are announced as a State finalist.