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Business Benchmark Report

Embrace your strengths, fulfil your potential

All eligible entrants for the 2019 Telstra Business Awards will receive a personalised in-depth review of your business to help make sure you’re on the right path, with professional insights, advice and guidance to cement the future of your business.

The insights provided will cover seven key areas: Strategy and Vision, Customers and Marketing, Operations, People and Culture, Social Responsibility, Financial Acumen, and Innovation and Technology.

The information is tailored based on your business performance across each of these areas, and will help identify improvements as well as highlighting the areas in which you’re already outperforming the competition. You can use these insights to help take your business to the next level and be ‘that’ business.

Previous Awards Alumni have found the information from their Business Benchmark Report extremely helpful to the goal-setting and growth of their businesses, with the expert guidance it provides from leaders and achievers around Australia.


Key areas


The Business Benchmark Report covers all the essential areas of your business, to help you identify where you’re excelling and where you’ve got potential to grow.

Strategy & Vision

Customers & Marketing


People & Culture

Social Responsibility

Financial Acumen

Innovation & Technology

The whole Telstra Business Awards process catalysed change within our company. The application and judging process is quite onerous and it forced us to look at what we were doing well and where we should be doing more. Thankfully, once the judges got a look under the hood of our business we were able to gain plenty of insight about where we needed improvement.

Eleanor Nurse, Over the Moo, 2017 Telstra Australian New Business Award

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